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At Galacon Infrastructure and Projects Pvt Ltd, we are committed to delivering world-class infrastructure solutions. We have established a track record of excellence in the civil engineering industry since 2009, executing projects of all sizes across buildings, bridges, roads, electrical works, water and sewage systems – you name it! Our standards for quality and timeliness set us apart from other players: each project is completed with diligence and efficiency while maintaining budget. With every endeavor we undertake, our goal is to empower communities throughout India by providing reliable infrastructure that lasts. Our mission statement echoes this sentiment as we strive to be a global leader in construction through which we can help build better future.



Our Expertise

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Galacon takes immense pride in its diverse portfolio of building projects over 4 million sqft...

Roads & Bridges

Galacon has an impressive track record in executing road and bridge projects...

Industrial Structures & Fabrication

Galacon has demonstrated its prowess in executing a wide range of industrial structures.


Galacon a rich history of executing piling works using a diverse array of methods.

Water & Sewerage Systems

Galacon has a proven track record in executing diverse projects related to water infrastructure.

Electrical Works

Galacon I is a trusted name with extensive experience in constructing electrical substations.

Our Presence

Covering various fields of construction across India. / Across India, embracing a diverse array of construction domains

  • Galacon, has a significant presence in India, with operations in seven states across the country. The company’s presence in multiple states has enabled it to leverage local expertise and resources, while also providing customers with a wide range of construction solutions tailored to their specific needs. By maintaining a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Galacon continues to expand its footprint across India.

Our Amazing Clients

Our Recent Projects

At Galacon Infrastructure and Projects Pvt Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier infrastructure solutions.

 We have successfully undertaken projects of various scales, encompassing buildings, bridges, roads, electrical works, water and sewage systems, and more.

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High Tower Building


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National Museum


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